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Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises-traveling with the best

When you cruise with Viking you sail with the world's leading river cruise company, and you enjoy the rewards of more than 175 years of heritage and a level of expertise second to none.

Inspiring destinations, beautifully crafted itineraries, expert tour guides, luxurious ships, fine cuisine, excellent service, remarkable value-our success is defined by all these things, and something else, too: personal attention to every detail. It's the way the bartender has your drink ready for you, at just the right time. It's the gentle guidance from your tai chi master in a lesson you take while sailing along the Yangtze. It's the handwritten directions from your concierge to the best coffeehouse in Vienna.

At Viking, we never forget that looking after you is why we have become the world's favorite river cruise line, and why our guests return to cruise with us again and again. Indeed, it is our guests who are our greatest ambassadors, making us the most honored river cruise line in the world.

If you have experienced the pleasure of traveling with us, then you will appreciate what makes a river cruise with Viking so special. And if that experience is still ahead of you, then it is one you are sure to enjoy.

The Most Award-Winning River Cruise Line

We have consistently placed high on competitive rankings like Conde Nast Traveler's Gold List, Reader's Choice and Best Small Ships awards; and Travel + Leisure's World's Best; we have also been honored by prestigious international organizations like the World Travel Awards. Meanwhile, travel agents have recognized us with awards including TravelAge West's Best Line for River Cruising and Travel Weekly's #1 River Cruise Line. And Viking is featured in National Geographic's The 10 Best of Everything.

Viking River Cruises Fleet:

MS Mayfair
MS Omar El Khayam
Viking Aegir
Viking Akun
Viking Alruna
Viking Alsvin
Viking Astrild
Viking Atla
Viking Baldur
Viking Bestla
Viking Beyla
Viking Bragi
Viking Buri
Viking Delling
Viking Egil
Viking Eir
Viking Embla
Viking Emerald
Viking Fontane
Viking Forseti
Viking Freya
Viking Gefjon
Viking Gullveig
Viking Heimdal
Viking Helgi
Viking Hemming
Viking Herja
Viking Hermod
Viking Hild
Viking Hlin
Viking Idi
Viking Idun
Viking Ingvar
Viking Ingvi
Viking Jarl
Viking Kadlin
Viking Kara
Viking Kvasir
Viking Legend
Viking Lif
Viking Lofn
Viking Magni
Viking Mandalay
Viking Mani
Viking Mekong
Viking Mimir
Viking Modi
Viking Njord
Viking Odin
Viking Osfrid
Viking Prestige
Viking Ra
Viking Rinda
Viking Rolf
Viking Schumann
Viking Sineus
Viking Skadi
Viking Skirnir
Viking Tialfi
Viking Tor
Viking Torgil
Viking Truvor
Viking Var
Viking Ve
Viking Vidar
Viking Vilhjalm
Viking Vili

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